Just in!
Nutri-Rich Fertilizer Pellets (4-3-2) are an
all-purpose, environmentally-friendly, slow
nitrogen-release plant food. When used as
directed, Nutri-Rich will not impact or harm
the ground water or other sensitive

This product is OMRI listed.
What's New this week as of June 30th
Hot enough for you???

Japanese Maple Red Dragon

'Red Dragon' is a fabulous, superior new cultivar from New Zealand. This deep
purple-red dissectum keeps it tremendous deep color in sun or shade better than
any other red dissectum. The color holds better than some of the most
outstanding dissectums such as 'Crimson Queen', 'Garnet', and 'Inaba Shidare'.
Even the award winning Tamukeyama cannot compare to Red Dragon when it
comes to holding its color. The young leaves on this cultivar are a bright scarlet
color in the spring, becoming dark burgundy as they develop. The rich color holds
well until it changes into an outstanding flaming scarlet in the fall. The growth habit
is like a dwarf form of 'Crimson Queen'. 'Red Dragon' is a well branched,
cascading mound reaching a height of 5-6 ft. in 10 years, and 7-8 ft. in 15 years. It
needs some protection from cold wind and summer drought. 'Red Dragon' makes
an exceptional small garden, rock garden, or container plant. Although 'Crimson
Queen' is probably the standard by which new red dissectums are judged, experts
feel that 'Red Dragon' may well prove to be standard in the near future.

The Cherry Pie Plant

Give me an easy-care plant that flowers nonstop and offers a hauntingly beautiful
fragrance, and I'm in paradise. Common heliotrope (Heliotropium arborescens) is a
fragrant, woody perennial, native to South America. It was introduced into
greenhouse culture in Europe in 1757 after travellers discovered it in Peru. Hence,
it's sometimes listed and sold as H. peruvianum.

By the nineteenth century, heliotrope was used extensively for bedding plants and
as standards. It was nicknamed the "cherry pie plant" because its fragrance
supposedly resembles the aroma of a freshly baked cherry pie. A few species are
so fragrant that they are grown in Europe to make perfume.

According to Mary Cashman, a garden specialist with White Flower Farm in
Litchfield, Connecticut, heliotrope is an underused plant that's easy to care for and
does well in most parts of the country except the Deep South, where high humidity
limits best growth.

A member of the borage family, common heliotrope is one of about 250
Heliotropium species, but it is the only one widely grown in gardens. All are
tropical or subtropical shrubs or subshrubs (a somewhat woody plant sometimes
grown and used as a shrub or perennial).

Common heliotrope grows 2 to 3 feet high; some varieties are a compact 10
inches. Tiny, star-shaped flowers of deep blue, purple, lavender, or white come in
tightly packed spikes that develop into rounded, 2- to 4-inch-diameter clusters.
Hairy and veined 1- to 3-inch leaves have a purplish cast.

Now the Fun Stuff
New Pet Pillows - Ming Approved!
2013 Roses are here!
Rose Bushes
Angel Face
Barbra Streisand
Black Baccarra
Bronze Star
California Dreamin'
Dark Night
Double Delight
the Knock Out - Radrazz
the Pink Knock Out -Radcon
Double Knock Out - Rose Radtko
Double Knock Out Pink- Rose
Sunny Knock Out - Rose Radsunny
The Fairy
Fragrant Cloud -Tanellis
Francis Meilland Metroni
French Lace
Gold Metal
Gourmet Popcorn
John F. Kennedy
Julia Child
Just Joey
Livin' Easy
Marco polo
Memorial Day
New Zealand Macgenev
Perfume Delight
St. Patrick

Apricot & Sweet

Cecil Brunner
Banksiae 'Lutea'

Patio Tree Rose
Julia Child
Sun Sprite
Easy Going/Livin' Easy
White Iceberg/Pink Iceberg

24" Tree Rose
China Doll

36" Tree Roses
Chrysler Imperial
ChihulyFull Sail
Sexy Rexy
Julia Child
Julia Child/Ebb Tide
Fair Oaks Nursery
Fair Oaks Boulevard Nursery
Fair Oaks Nursery
What's New this week as of Jan
yes, we have new plants!
Huge selection of new house plants
Lots of Primrose

Breda Giant - Medlar
Breda Giant's fruits resemble very, very large bronze rose
hips. A relative of the pear, medlars are sometimes
referred to as northern loquat because of their long green
leaves with a leathery appearance. Breda Giant is self
fertile, late blooming with showy white flowers and the
tree is long lived and dwarf. Fruits are harvested firm,
when leaves start falling in late fall. In warmer areas they
can blet and ripen on the tree. Fruits can be stored to blet
in clean shavings, boxed in a cool basement or porch.
The flesh turns soft and has an applesauce cinnamon like
flavor. Also called nespola in Italy. Fruits are bug free but
can get quince or cedar apple rust. Space 8' circle Zone

Monkey Puzzle Trees
Red Jade Currant

Frugana - Sea Berry
Frugana is an early ripening, productive variety of Sea
Berry. It ripens early to late August. Long fruit stems
make this variety easy for hand harvesting. Berries are
high in Vitamin C.

Soci Tea seedlings
Maypop Passionflower

Berries in Stock
Blackberry Black Satin
CoHo Raspberry
Blue Berries
Blue Sunshine
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Located at 4681 Fair Oaks Blvd,
between Arden and Eastern.
Located at 4681 Fair Oaks Blvd, between Arden and Eastern.

    Fair Oaks Boulevard Nursery and Gift Shop is a one-of-a-kind garden center that features trees,
    shrubs, and flowers.  We also have fountains, pottery, and statuary/yard art.
    Our indoor gift shop carries a wide selection of unique gift items and home accents as well as a
    large and diverse houseplant collection.  
    special holiday-themed decorations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter, and July.

    Please stop in and visit us.  
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What Came In the week of July 27, 2012
as of 4pm 7/27
Finally! Chocolate Cosmos
Loosestrife, too!
Homalocladium platycladum is an interesting plant; the flat usually leafless stems
resemble tapeworms. Tapeworm plants will reach 3-4 feet in pots, but in nature they
will reach 12 feet. It is a native to the Solomon Islands.
Blooming Time: Fall-Winter The small green flowers appear at the joints of stems and
are followed by red fruits.
Culture: Homalocladium platycladum will grow in full sun to full shade, but seems to do
best in partial shade. In the greenhouse, we use a soil mix consisting of 2 parts peat
moss to 1 part loam to 2 parts sand or perlite. The soil should be kept moist at all times.
Fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer diluted to ½ the strength recommended on
the label. Dieback at the tips is a problem in the drier winter months. This is usually
due to the lack of sufficient humidity, so try to keep humidity levels above 50% to
counteract this problem.
Pink Mexican Sage
Passion flower: Lavender lady & Purple Tiger

Libertia peregrinans
I lust for COPPER in the plant world!! This spiky character has swords
to 12-14" tall with a copper twinge that really lights up like a new
penny during the colder months! Evergreen foliage has a stiletto
silhouette, clump expands on rhizomes – Full sun to a bit of shade –
most soils – not fussy – Airy little clusters of white flowers in May –
This is also quite a specimen in a copper color container! A New
Zealander that seems quite content here in Sacramento.

HOUSE PLANTS, Succulents & Cacti
Maranta, Pachira braided, Burro Tail, Chenille, Goldfish, Pothos neon,
Sting of Pearls, Aglonema, Alocasta African Mask, Zebra plant,
Dracaena, Homalomena, Pencil Firestick Cactus, Pleomele Song of
India, Spathipyllum, ZZ, Congo Green Philodendron, Sanaeviera,
Guzmania, Anthurium, Brazilian Fireworks, Dieffenbachia, Ponytail
Palm, Ficus Green Island Std.
What Came In the fourth week of August
Winter Veg Starts have Started to arrive (pun intended)
Spinach, Pac Choi, Arugula, Romaine & Encore mix
Certified Organic Seeds
Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Red Express Cabbage, Savory
Cabbage, Cauliflower, bunching onion, Carrots, Kale, Leeks, Bibb Lettuce, Spicy &
Mild Mesclun Mix, Spinach, Romaine, Arugula (Rocket), Mustard, Snap Peas,
Radish, Swiss Chard, Chives, Dark opal, Basil, Large Leaf Basil

Ornamental Kale & Cabbage
Pansies, Snapdragons, Violas, Salvia Pulmonaria, Dianthus,
Chrysanthemums ~ California native Fuchsias
Dianella tasmanica, commonly known as the Tasman Flax-lily
Maidenhair Fern, Squirrel's Foot Fern, Button Sword Fern, Western Sword Fern
Variegated Japanese sedge, Purple Fountain Grass,

Hardenbergia violacea is a species of Australian flowering plant, known in
Australia by the common names false sarsaparilla, purple coral pea, happy
wanderer, native lilac and waraburra (which comes from the Kattang language).[1]
It often grows as a climbing vine, but also as a subshrub.[2] It is used as a
landscape plant in the southwestern U.S. where it is commonly called lilac vine,
and occasionally Mexican lilac vine.

Solanum pyracanthon, also known as the Porcupine Tomato
What Came In the first week of August 2012
Freshen up your pots & landscapes with
Dark and Green leaf

Impatiens ~ Portulaca ~ Gazanias ~ Zinnias ~
Ageratum ~ Alyssum ~ Asclepias(milkweed) ~ Dianthus
Echeveria ~ Gomphrena Haageana ~ Lysimachia
Nicotiana ~ Oenothera ~ Sedum ~ Senecio Talinoids
Snapdragons ~ Zinnias

Platycodon grandiflorus ‘Sentimental Blue’
Dwarf Balloon Flower   
Balloon Flowers are summer-flowering cousins to the more familiar
Bellflowers. Plants form a mound of green foliage, bearing inflated buds that
open into star-shaped blue blossoms. This dwarf selection is great for
edging the border, rock gardens or in mixed containers. Nice for cutting.
Because they come up very late in the spring, consider planting tulips or
daffodils beside the clump to mark the location. Division is seldom
necessary, and not always very successful because of the carrot-like root.
What Came In the second week of August 2012

4" & 6" Rex Begonias
10" Begonia & Duranta hanging baskets
6" Hanging Firetail
2 gallon Cordyline 'Electric Pink'

Baby Tears ~ Dymondia ~ Ivy Needlepoint
Sedum Autumn Fire
What Came In the third week of August 2012
Pretty Lady Diana  & Pretty Lady Emily Anemones
Part of the 'Pretty Lady' series bred by Yoshihiro Kanazwa of Japan,
featuring a more compact habit than other A. huphensis varieties.
Single rose-pink blooms with bright yellow centers are over 2 inches
wide. Requires no staking.

Daphne odora 'Marginata 'winter Daphne'!
Asparagus ferns
Woodwardia fimbriata, known by the common name giant chain fern
1 gallon Creeping fig

Yummy 'Mexican Key Lime'

lots more 15 gallon trees - now is a good time to plant
for $24.99 we will plant most 15 gallon trees you buy from us!
ask for details
What's New as of Sept.11th
Geranium 'Rozanne'
Weeping Cherry's
Endive & Escarole
California Poppies
Lettuce: Amish Deer Tongue, Bistro Salad
Blend, Great Lakes, Mesclun Mix
Giant Red Mustard
Shallot sets: Dutch Yellow & Holland Red
Garlic sets: Early Italian Purple, Inchelium
Red, Silver Rose, Nootka Rose
Autumn Decorations

Corn Stalks & Straw Bales
What's New the last week of August ~ as of 8/30
Variegated Evergreen Star Jasmine
Cal. All stars: Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
'Dwarf plumbago' and
Russelia equisetiformis, commonly known as Firecracker plant
Society Garlic, Heuchera,
Endless Summer Hydrangeas
Jujubee & Babcock white peach fruit trees
Bergenia cordifolia 'Winter Glow'
French & English Lavender
Russian Sage
Mexican Petunia
Orange Rocket Barberry
Blueberries: Jubilee & Misty
onions: crimson, Early red burner, Italian red torpedo, Walla Walla
Swiss Chard: Bright lights mix, Magenta & Orange Fantasia
Lots more Pansies, Snap Dragons
Nemesia, Poppies,
Pulmonaria "Darth Varder
Dill, French Terragon, Cilantro, Collards
What's New the first week in September
(where did the summer go?)

Artichokes, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage
Fava beans
Seeds: Broccoli Raab Toscana
Celeriac Giant Prague.
Parsley, Berliner Half-long

BOSTON FERNS!  They look awesome!

2" succulents
6" Persian Sheilds

Azaleas, Callistemoms, Camellias
Black Tartarian & Lapins Cherry trees

Scary Halloween things!
What's New as of Sept.21th
hard to find-Miner's Lettuce
Hon Tsai Tai Asian greens
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Leeks~Claytonia greens
Tiarella 'sunset ridge'
Kiwi - male & female in the same pot
Curry left tree
Pineapple Guava - Coolidge & Nazmetz
Broccoli Raab~Jacobs Ladder
Sweet Peas!
Onion Sets
Fruit Trees
Cherry Rainier & Stella
Peach Crimson Rocket, Early & June Elberta
Nectarine Goldmine & Heavenly White
Granny Smith Apple
Blenheim Apricot
Bartlett Pear
Plum Santa Rosa & Burgundy
Pluot Dapple Dandy, Flavor King & Flavor Supreme
Pomegranate Wonderful
Nectaplum Spice Zee

Gigantic Mum tubs!

European Soap
Bath Salts
Luxe Butter Pre de Provence
Unicorn & Squirrel full head masks
more rats, spiders & crows
What's New this week as of Feb 8th

Annuals & Bedding
Baby Tears, Bleeding Heart, Brodiaea (cal native) Columbine,
English Daisy,
Snow Daisy, Iceland Poppies, Larkspur, Lewisia (cal
native)Primrose, Primula Obconica, Pansy,
Re blooming Pericallis - the first flower of Spring!
Saxifrag, Sweet Peas, SnapDragon

12" Succulent Bowls

Dogwoods: Cornus Cherokee Brave & Heartthrob

Hanging Baskets
Geranium & Needle Point Ivy - Full and Gorgeous!
Parrot's Beak

Perennials & Shrubs
6" Hydrangeas in bloom
Dianella tasmanica, commonly known as the Tasmanian Flax-lily
Asparagus Fern
Microlepia macfaddeniae 'Lace Fern'
Leucadendron 'Jubilee Crown'
Medium shrub with rainbow foliage and small cones appearing in spring. Great
screen or hedge plant for well drained soils in full sun. Excellent foliage for cut
flowers. Frost tolerant and drought resistant shrub.
Phormium Duet & Cookianum Tricolor
Ribes viburnifolium: Evergreen Currant and Catalina Perfume

House Plants
8" Spathiphyllum  'Peace Lily"

Strawberry: Ft. Laramie, Ozark, Quinault
Mesclun Mix Lettuce, Arugula, Broccoli Raab, Collard Greens,
Persian Cress, Spinach, Sugar Snap Peas,
Swiss Chard
Fruiting Mulberry
Persimmon Fuyu

Lots more houseplant & terrarium pots
What's New this week as of Feb 1st
Ogranic Veg & Flower Seeds
Irish Eyes - Seed Savers - Renee's Garden

Dwarf Orange trees: Robertson, Washington, Lane
Late, Valencia, Cara Cara
Dwarf Lemon trees: Lisbon &  Meyer
Dwarf Bearss seedless Lime
Dwarf Minneola Tangelo
Dwarf Kumquat tress: Nagami, Meiwa, Indio
Dwarf Mandarin trees: Yosemite Gold & Tahoe
Avocado trees: Mexicola, Zutano, Little Cado,
Bacon, Lamb-Hass
Blueberries: Misty, Oneal, Jubilee, Rubel,
Sharpblue, Darrow
Blackberries: Apache & Arapaho
Raspberries: Meeker & Coho
Oregon sugar pod peas
Sugar snap peas
Cool season lettuces

Kurume & Satsuki Azaleas
Flowering Quinces

Miniature Garden accessories
Wine glasses
Margaretta pitcher & glasses
Cupcakes & Birthday Cakes
Bikes, swings, gnomes, rakes & brooms
Lots more!
What's New this week as of Feb 22th

Compost bins!
The ones recommended by the UCD Master Gardeners

Annuals & Bedding
Begonia 'Rieger', Fancy Geranium, Zonal Geranium, Gerber Daisy, Green &
Red Shamrock, Columbine,  Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue' & 'Pink Mist'
Achillea 'yarrow', Ajuga 'bugle', Bidens Ferulifolia, Brunnera macrophylla,
Dicentra, California poppies, Geum Chiloense 'Mrs. Bradshaw'. Lamium,
Ranunculus, Snapdragons

Japanese Flowering Apricot
'Matsubara Red' & 'Peggy Clarke'
Purple Leaf Plum, Purple Cherry Plum
Prunus cerasifera 'Krauter Vesuvius'

Citrus & Fruit Trees
Peach 'frost'
Plum 'Burgundy'
more Meyer Lemon!
Aprium 'cot n candy'

Hanging Baskets
Ivy Geranium in hanging baskets & tubs

Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Arctotis "pink sugar & 'Pumpkin Pie'
Senetti Magenta & Magenta Bicolor
Evergreen Candytuff
Corylus cornuta (Beaked Hazel) is a deciduous shrubby hazel
Mahonia 'Paint Brush'
Gardenias: Auguast beauty, Mystery & Veitchii
Arctostaphylos Emerald Carpet, might as well be a lawn manzanita.

House Plants
more assorted 4" foliage

Edibles & Seeds

Kitazwa Seeds! NON-GMO
Your going to love these

Malabae Spinach (ceylon) - Red Stem
Yard Long Bean 'Orient Wonder'
Hyacinth Bean - Lablab Bean
Thai Holy Basil-Samui & Nicobar
Thai Pepper
Korean Radish Hybrid
Eggplant Hybrid - Japanese Millionaire
Edible Burdock
Goa Bean - Winged Bean
Wax Gourd - Winter Melon Round
Chrysanthemum Greens - Garland Serrate Leaved
Japanese Bunching Onion
Snake Gourd - Serrent Gourd
Luffa Smooth - Sponge Gourd Hybrid
Luffa Angled Gourd
Bitter Gourd - Green Bitter Gourd
Bottle Gourd - White Flowered Gourd - Long Upo

Eversweet & Sequoia Strawberries

Lettuces: Arugula, Buttercrunch, Mervielle des Quatre Saisons,
Mesclun mix, Red Oak Leaf, Romaine Parris Island
Chamomile, Mustard, Pak Choi, Oregon Sugar Pod, Radicchio, Swiss Chard,
What's New this week as of Feb 14th

Annuals & Bedding
California Poppy, Campanula, Bleeding Heart, Digitalis, Sedum,
White & Blue Bacopa

Dogwoods in Pink & White

Banksiae 'Lutea' & Cecile Brunner

Citrus & Fruit Trees
Fruit salad 3 in 1 combo
Cherry 3 in 1 combo
Pear 3 in 1 combo
Cherry: Sour, Royal Rainier, Van, Bing, Craigs Crimson C
Lemon: Meyer 5gal & 5gal esplanade
Lime: Rangpur
Orange: Moro Blood
Pineapple Guava: Coolide, Nazmetz
Strawberry Guava: Red & Yellow
Grapefruit: Oro Blanco
Fig: assorted
Raspberry: Heritage
Black Berry: Marion Berry
Blue Berry: Pink Lemonade
Loquat: Assorted fruiting
Nut Trees: Almond & Walnut
Fruiting Loquat

Hanging Baskets

Perennials & Shrubs
Red Flowering Quince, Black Pine, Coyote Bush
Camellia jap: Chandler's Elegance & Contessa Lavinia
English Laurel, Black mondo grass, manzanita,
Red Azalea trees, Agave Blue Glow
Euphorbia Black Bird & Cordyline Electric Pink
Liriope muscari 'big blue lily'

Euonymus, often called spindle or spindle tree is a genus of
flowering plants in the staff vine family.  Silver Queen & Marginata

Loropetalum, Viburnum, Lavender,Erysimum, Geraniums, Lantana,
Nemesia, Calla Lilly, Elephant Ears, Ceanothus 'California
Lavender', Wisteria, Hardenbergia 'Happy Wanderer'

The Elaeagnus Shrub fills the air with a pleasant sweet fragrance
when it flowers in October, and the aroma is exactly like that of the
Wild Azalea also called the Flame Azalea. Very few plants grow as
fast the Elaeagnus Evergreen Shrub Plant as hedges. The
Elaeagnus Evergreen Shrub Plant likes full sun and grows fast to
6-10 ft. high, and equal width.

House Plants

Edibles & Seeds

for sprouts: Flax, Cress, Soy, Alfalfa, Mong Beans

for cover crops: Fava Beans, Red Clover, Dutch White Clover,
Hairy Vetch, Alfalfa
Organic Baby Potatoes: Cal White, Chieftan, Yukon Gold, Yellow Finn

Organic Fingerling Potato sets: French minituber, Russian Banana, Red
Thumb, Princess La Ratte minituber

Organic Onion set - Yellow Rock, White Ebenezer and Red Wethersfield

Shallots sets: Holland Red and Dutch Yellow
Chinese and  Dinosaur Kale, Hon Tsai Tai, Collard Greens
Lettuce: Bistro Salad, Butternut crunch, Romaine
Greek Oregano
What's New this week as of March 8th

Annuals & Bedding
Alyssum, Begonia 'Rieger', Cineraria in 4", Ranunculus, Red Shamrocks,
Wire Vine, Coreopsis, Glechoma, Iris, Leucanthemum, Limnanthes, Myosotis,
nemphila, Penstemon
more 2" & 4" succulents, Gerbera, Begonia, Impatiens, Lobelia,
Australian Violet
Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets
Mandevilla & New Guinea Impatiens, Ivy Geranium and Geranium

Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Bulbine frutescens, Erigeron karvinskianus “Profusion”
Mexican Daisy, Fleabane, Leucophyllum frutescens 'Texas Rain Sage',
Russelia equisetiformis 'Fire Cracker Plant', Salvia spathacea, Salvia
'Winnifred Gilman', Erysmim, Jasmine polyanthum, Pink Bower Vine,
Rosmarinus 'Irene' & 'Prostratus', Mandevilla, Bacopa, Geraniums,

Emerald Carpet manzanita is an evergreen groundcover preferred by the non-native
folks that want to plant a 'native'

Callistemon 'Little John' (Dwarf Callistemon)

Abelia 'Kaleidoscope', the most striking variegated Abelia introduced to the
market. This stunning shrub delights gardeners with a kaleidoscope of color
spring through fall.
Orange African Daisy, Digitalis, Scented Geranium
Agave, Aloe Echeveria, Sedum, Pelargonium 'Kangaroo Paws', Philodendron,
Indian Holly Fern, Hart's-tongue fern, Tasmanian Flax-lily,  Common Rasp
Fern, Leopard Plant, Viburnum 'davidii' & tinus 'Compactum'

Ribes sanguineum glutinosum 'Claremont'
Common Name: Pink Flowering Currant
Banana Shrub, Port Wine Magnolia, Michelia figo

Ribes sanguineum glutinosum 'Claremont'
Common Name: Pink Flowering Currant

Flowering Crabapple 'Prairefire' 'Royal Raindrops'
Prunus Serrulata 'Kwanzan' double flowering Cherry
Prunus 'Pendula Plena Rosea' Weeping Cherry in pink & white
Pyrus Caller. 'Red Spire' Flowering Pear
Magnolia stellata 'Pink' & 'Royal Star'

House Plants
Lots more Ivy Topiaries & Ivy

Edibles Herbs & Seeds

Chive, Cilantro, Dill, Fennel, Chocolate Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint,
Stevia, Tarragon, Golden Lemon Thyme

Onion: Evergreen Nubuka, Red Zeppelin, Stockton Red, Sweet
Spanish Yellow, Walla Walla
Swiss Chard
1 gal Artichoke
Blueberry 2gal & 5 gal: Emerald, Jewel, Misty, Suivenshine Blue,
Seedless Thompson grape
Citrus & Fruit Trees
Lapins Cherry
Burchell Pink apple
Honeycrisp apple
Red Fuji apple
Orange Knockout Apricot
Tomcot Apricot
Pink Diamond Peach
Blushing Pearl Peach
Galaxy Freestone Peach
Flavor Gold Nectarin
Black Gold Plum
Honey Lightning Plum
Starry Night Plum
Bartlett Pear
Comice Pear
Hosui Asian Pear
Flavor Delight Plum
Rainier Cherry
Bing Cherry

Gift Shop
Lots of spirals, trellis and arbors

What's New this week as of Feb 28th
Kitazwa Seeds! NON-GMO
Your going to love these
As seen in the March Sunset Magazine

Annuals & Bedding
Bacopa, Fuchsia, Erodium Charm, Isotoma 'Blue Star Creeper'
Leptinella 'Mini Brass Bells' & 'Platts Black', Mint Corsican, Irish Moss,
Scotch Moss, Muehlenbeckia 'Wire Columbine, e' Thyme 'Elfin'
Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip' & Silver Queen' Dymondia 'Silver Carpet'
Yarrow, Columbine, Calendula, Delphinium, Digitalis, Wood Fern,
California Poppies, Euryops, Gazania, Lamium, Lupine, Nemesia,
Verbena 'Tapien Blue & Pink'

Mediterranean Fan Palm
1 gal & 2 gal Japanese Maples - EVERY Variety known to mankind(almost)
Indian Hawthorne

Citrus & Fruit Trees
Orange: Washington Navel, Trovita, Robertson Navel, Moro Blood
Grapefruit: Rio Red & Cocktail
Lime: Bearss Seedless, Mexican Key, Kieffer Thai
Eureka Lemon
Panach Fig
Apricot, Nectarine, Peacotum 'Bella Gold'
Pomegranate ' Wonderful' Sour Cherry

Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets
Geraniums, Confetti Hawaiian Luau Baskets,

Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Osteospermum 'African Daisy' rose, Pink, Lemonade, Purple
Lthadora 'Grace Ward', Mandevilla 'Crimson', Cordyline, Jasmine,
Boxwood 'Green Beauty' Camellia 'SilverWaves'
Viburnum, Spirea, Rosemary Cones, Olea Europaea 'Little Ollie'
Blue Italian Cypress

lots of new ferns

House Plants
4" Polka Dot

Edibles & Seeds
Gold Raspberry
Sunshine & Misty Blueberries
Borage, Lemon Balm, Cat Mint
Certified Organic Seeds
Beets: Bulls Blood, Chioggia, Cylindra, Detroit Dark Red,
Early Wonder Tall Top, Golden, Gourmet Beet Blend
Broccoli: DeCicco & Sprouting Calabrese
Cabbage: Farao Green, Red Express, Baby Choi Chinese,
Pac Choi Chinese Cabbage, Famosa Savory Cabbage
Snowball Improved Cauliflower
Evergreen Hardy bunching onion
Carrots: Scarlet Nantes, Little Finger, Chantenay
Kale: Lacinato, Red Russian, White Russian
King Richard Leek
Lettuces & Greens
Speckles, Buttercrunch, Blushed Butter Oak Bibb Lettuces
Spicy & Mild Mesclun Mix, Bloomsdale Spinach, Paris
Island COS Romaine, Arugula (Rocket), Lettuce: Gourmet
mix, Black Seeded Simpson, Green Salad Bowl, Tres Fine
Endive, Mustards: Mizuna, Red Giant, Tatsoi. Orach Greens
Peas: Snap Pea Sugar Ann & Sugar Daddy, Green Arrow
Shell Pea & Mammoth Melting Sugar Flat Pod Pea
Radishes: Champion, Cherry Belle, French Breakfast,
German Giant, Purple Plum, Sparkler
Swiss Chard: Fordhook Giant, Orange, Yellow, Rainbow
Blend, Red Ruby
Chives, Dark opal, Basil, Large Leaf Basil
What's New this week as of March 15th

Annuals & Bedding
Gerbera Daisy, Kalanchoe, Ranunculus, Green Shamrocks, Fuchsia,
Verionica Georgia Blue, Lupine, Vinca minor Ralph Shugar,
Columbine, Coleus, Lysimachia, non Stop Begonias, Calibrachoa
Superbells, Ivy Geranium, Cosmos, Queen Anne's lace, Swan River
Daisy, China Aster, Blue Wax Flower, Cleome hassleriana,
commonly known as spider flower or spider plant, Gaura, lionium,
lotus, nasturtium, oenothra

Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets
Geranium Tubs, Color bowls,

Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Mandevilla, NG Impatiens, Photinia, Indian Hawthorn, Festuca Siskiyou Blue,
Lagerstroemia (Crepe myrtle) Dynamite, Tuscarora, Natchez, Zuni
Thuja 'Emerald', Junipers, Xylosma, Lantana, Deergrass, Salvia, Iceplant,
Torenia Duchess mix, Cordyline, Festuca, Escallonia, Gardenia 'Veitchii',
Exochorda 'the bride', Azaleas, Breath of heaven, Gardenias, Loropetalum,

Bloodgood Japanese Maples
Photinia, Sequoia, Syringa 'Ivory Silk' Magnolia 'Little Gem'
House Plants

Edibles, Herbs & Seeds
Strawberry: Eversweet, Ft. Laramie, Ozark Beauty, Quinault, Albion, Chandler

Tomatoes: Ace, Better Boy, Celebrity, Champion, Delicious, Early Girl, Lemon
Boy, Red Cherry, Roma, San Marzano, Shady Lady, Sweet 100, Yellow Pear
Moroccan Mint
Basil! Genovese, Italian, Lemon, Spicy globe, Thai

Wine Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir,
Table Grapes: Thomson & Flame Seedless

Citrus & Fruit Trees
Cherry Craigs Crimson
Dwarf Mill Sweet Limetta LIME
Kumquat 'dwarf Fukushu
Tropical Pink & White Guava

Gift Shop
more miniatures
2014 Wild Boar Tomatoes
High lighted in YELLOW
are here now!
Amethyst Cream Cherry
AAA Sweet Solano
Amethyst Jewel
Amos Coli
Beauty King
Berkeley Tie-Dye
Black & Brown Boar
Blue Beauty
Blue Boar Berries
Blue Chocolate
Blue Gold
Brad's Black Heart
Dark Galaxy
Dragon's Eye
Husky Pink
Husky Red
Indigo Apple
Kaleidoscopic Jewel
Large Barred Boar
Lush Queen
Michael Pollan
Napa Rose
Pineapple Pig
Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye
Pink Boar
Pork Chop
Streak Lightning
What's New this week as of March 22nd
Ittie Bitties for Terrariums
Easter Lilies
Annuals & Bedding
Bee Balm, non stop Begonias, Coleus, Chrysanthemum, Cleome,
Erysimum, Gazania, Godetia in red & white, Hollyhock, Irish moss,
Lobelia, Marigolds,  Mecardonia Gold Dust, Nigella Love-in-a-Mist',
Petunias,  Salivas, Wallflower,
Coleus 'Mosaic', Salvia, Sedum,
Mud Flats of Irish moss, Scotch moss, Creeping thyme, Red thyme,
Wooly thyme
Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets
Bacopa, Scoopia, Gulliver Blue & White Combo

Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Abutilon, Dwarf Elephant Ear, Clivia
Hakonechloa macra (Japanese forest grass, hakone grass)
Lavender,  Agapanthus

House Plants
Gigantic Boston Ferns

Edibles, Herbs & Seeds
Swedish White Currants, Red Jade Currants
Hinnomaki Red Gooseberries
Pilgrim Cranberries
Haschberg & Emerald Lace Elderberry
Big Top Horseradish
Basil mix herb bowls & Mixed Herb bowls

Tomatoes: See tomato list to the right of what has come in.
Peppers: See pepper list to the right of what has come in

Tomatillo, Tomatillo 'Toma Verde' 'Milpa de Purple'
Zucchini 'Ambassador', Burbee', Gold Rush' 'Ronde de Nice French
Victoria Rhubarb
Hummingbird Mint, Rosemary 'BBQ', Fennel, Italian parsely
Citrus & Fruit Trees
Cherry 3 in 1 Lapins, Rainie Sweet & Van
Gift Shop
Really Funny t-shirts!
2014 Eggplant
Black Beauty
Japanese Ichiban & Millionaire
Long purple Asian
Pingtung Long
What's New this week as of April 12th
Grafted Tomatoes! Look at the tomato list to the right and down

MAXSEA 16-16-16/3-20-20/14-18-14
combines the best of nature and technology. We blend the finest
natural seaweed with important secondaries, micronutrients and the
purest plant foods available.

Good for your plants and kind to the earth

The resulting complexes are remarkably effective, easy-to-use
concentrates that dissolve instantly and completely in water... for
fast acting, immediate results. In solution, MAXSEA's natural brown
granules turn dark seaweed green and have the fresh, clean aroma
of the sea... a pleasure to use and completely safe for the

Professional growers and home gardeners alike tell us our MAXSEA
plant foods are the finest available anywhere. We're very proud of

Grafted Tomatoes! Look at the tomato list to the right and down

Annuals & Bedding
Lupins, Angels Trumpet, Lavender, Clematis

Itty Bitties
Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets
American Anthem, Night in Pompeii, Pink Lemonaide, Shady Lady,
Wandering Jew

Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Echinacca, Lavander, Clematis, Passion Flower, Crocosmia,
Boronia megastigma

Edibles, Herbs & Seeds

Citrus & Fruit Trees
Almond 'self pollenating Pink Lady Apple, Peach 'frost', Plum 'Burgundy',
Apricot 'Gold Kist' & 'Moorpark'
Fruiting Mulberry
Pomegranate 'Angel Red'
Gift Shop
Silk Botanicals: Poppies, Orchids, Terrariums
Outdoor weatherproof art
What's New this week as of March 30th

Annuals & Bedding
Alcea rosea 'Nigr a' Cuphea,Hollyhock, Milkweed, Craspedia Globosa
Blanket Flower, Mirabilis jalapa 'Four O'clock Mix', Dahlia, Portulaca, Origanum
Zinnia 'State Fair'
Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Salvia Diane & Mesa Azure
Sago Palm Ever blooming Hydrangea
Astibe, Dwarf Butterfly bush
European Snowball Viburnum
Scented Geraniums
Abelia, Helictrotrichon sempervirens, Loropetalum 'purple majesty',
Bougainvillea, Phormium 'dusky chief'
Dogwood 'Cherokee Chief' & Satomi'
Japanese Maple 'Biho' & Sango Kaku'

Edibles, Herbs & Seeds
: See  list to the right of what has come in
Squash: See list to the right of what has come in
Cucumber: See list to the right of what has come in
Onion: See list to the right of what has come in
Tomatoes: See list to the right of what has come in.
Peppers: See list to the right of what has come in
Zucchini: See list to the right of what has come in

Edaname 'Soy Bean' Tomatillo, Tomatillo 'Toma Verde' 'Milpa de Purple'
Zucchini 'Ambassador', Burbee', Gold Rush' 'Ronde de Nice French
Victoria Rhubarb
Mojito mint, Lime mint
German Thyme, Oregano 'Greek Mountain'
Lingonberry 'Koralle' & Red Pearl'
Citrus & Fruit Trees
Apple 2 in 1, Gala apple, Asian Pear, Lapins Cherry, Olive Twist, Sweet
pomegranate, Wonderful, Walnut
Gift Shop
Plant Nanny self watering globes
New table cloths
What's New this week as of April 5th
Wild Boar Tomatoes! Look at the tomato list to the right and down
Annuals & Bedding
Agrostemma, Supertunia!, Pineapple Lilly, Lantana 'new gold yellow'
Ipomoea 'Blackheart' & 'Marguerite'
Bonsai Starters
Profusion Zinnia
Dragon Wing Begonias

Variegated Spider Plants, Creeping Charlie, Boston Fern

Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets
Petunias, Lysimachia, Fushsia, NG Impatiens

Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Gaura, Shasta Daisy, African Daisy, alstroemeria, Peruvian lily, PACIFIC
COAST NATIVE IRIS, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Mondo grass & dwarf Mondo grass
Water Plants!
Acer 'Red Sunset', Ligustrum 'Texanum' Waxleaf Privet, Magnolia 'Little Gem'
Platanus x acerifolia
‘Bloodgood’ London plane tree
Flowering Plum
Edibles, Herbs & Seeds
Chervil is a delicate culinary herb used frequently in French cuisine. A member
of the parsley family, chervil has a mild flavor with hints of liquorice or anise.

Citrus & Fruit Trees
Chandler Pummelo, Clementine, Centennial Variegated
Apple 2 in 1, Gala apple, Asian Pear, Lapins Cherry, Olive Twist, Sweet
pomegranate, Wonderful, Walnut
Gift Shop
Bamboo pet dishes, food & poo scoops
Table Top Fountains
Outdoor Clocks & Thermometers
Herb scissors
Beach glass
2014 Corn
Golden Bantum
Honey & Pearl
Silver Queen
Yellow Sweet
What's New this week as of April 19th

Annuals & Bedding
Morning Glory
Zahara Zinnia
New Wild Boar Tomatoes

Itty Bitties
Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets

Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Brunfelsia 'Yesterday Today & Tomorrow'
Rose Trees: Julia Child/Ebb Tide, Olympiad, Scentimental, Full Sail
Edibles, Herbs & Seeds

Citrus & Fruit Trees

Gift Shop
What's New this week as of April 25th
Annuals & Bedding
Baby's Breath, Dahlias, Provance Lavender
Dinosaur Gourd
Prunella grandiflora is an evergreen Perennial growing to 0.2 m (0ft 8in) by 0.5 m
(1ft 8in).
It is hardy to zone 5 and is not frost tender. It is in leaf 12-Jan It is in flower from Jul
to September, and the seeds ripen from Aug to September. The flowers are
hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Bees.

Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils. Suitable pH:
acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils and can grow in very alkaline soils.
It can grow in semi-shade (light woodland) or no shade. It prefers moist soil.

Itty Bitties
Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets

Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Plumbago, Tecomaria capensis 'Cape Honey Suckle'
Edibles, Herbs & Seeds

Citrus & Fruit Trees
Black Tartarian & Stella Cherry trees

Gift Shop
Decorative Outdoor Pillows
Gorgeous wall plaques
What's New this week as of May 17th

Annuals & Bedding
What dont we have!
1gallon Ghost Peppers in stock!
fair oaks blvd nursery

Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets
Many Many!
Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Summer Daphne
Polemonium caeruleum Brise d’Anjou™

Variegated Jacob’s Ladder
Recently introduced to North American gardeners, this was a chance discovery at
a nursery in France. A first-class foliage plant for using towards the front of the
border, where its variegated green and creamy-white leaves look for all the world
like some exotic fern. Heads of violet-blue flowers rise above on short stems in
early summer. This seems to prefer a partly shaded situation with protection from
hot afternoon sun, particularly where summers are warm and humid. Also
excellent in mixed containers.

Salvia leucantha 'Cislano'

'Cislano' is flamboyant and a whole lot of fun. A full and robust shrub is well
formed by bloom time, reaching an ultimate height of 5 ½ feet, so it may need
staking in order to keep upright and from crowding out nearby smaller plants. The
flower texture and color are irresistible to any hands or eyes meandering through
our garden.

Sambucus nigra 'Eva' BLACK LACE
Common Nam

Princeton Gold Maple
Acer platanoides "Princeton Gold"e: black elder
A beautiful shade tree which features bright golden yellow foliage in spring that
retains its coloration over the entire season; tough and durable, makes a good
street tree as well; protect bark from sunscald when young
Ornamental Features:
Princeton Gold Maple has attractive yellow foliage which emerges gold in spring.
The lobed leaves are ornamentally significant but turn an outstanding in the fall. It
is smothered in stunning corymbs of lemon yellow flowers along the branches in
early spring before the leaves. The fruit is not ornamentally significant. The
furrowed black bark is not particularly outstanding.

Prunus caroliniana Compacta
Plant Uses: Honey Plants; Bonsai-Suitable; Birds & Wildlife; Fragrant Plants;
Eastern Native; Small Flowering Tree; Hedges;
Making a superb hedge or screen, this dense, compact form of the Carolina Laurel
has exceptionally nice, deep green foliage &, in spring, lots of tiny white blossoms;
may become a med. shrub or small tree

Citrus & Fruit Trees
Apple: Gala, Pink Lady
Nectarine: 'necta zee' miniature
Peach: Honey Babe & Pix Zee - miniatures
Asian Pear
Persimmon 'Jiro' & Hachiya
Blenheim Apricot
Espalier Apples: 4 in 1, 6 in 1 and Fuji
Gift Shop
More indoor/Outdoor Pillows
What's New this week as of May 3rd
Annuals & Bedding
What dont we have!
1gallon Ghost Peppers in stock!
Itty Bitties Ferns
Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets
Many Many!
Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Plumbago, Tecomaria capensis 'Cape Honey Suckle

New Mini garden cuties!

Citrus & Fruit Trees
Many many more
Click the link above to
watch the seminar from
May 11th
What's New this week as of May 10th
Hope every day is a Happy Mothers Day!
Annuals & Bedding
What dont we have!
1gallon Ghost Peppers in stock!
fresh supply of ivy topiaries and houseplants
Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets
Many Many!
Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting plants
Solanum rantonnetii 'Royal Robe'
Dahlias of all sorts
Baptisia australis, commonly known as blue wild indigo
CEANOTHUS: Wild Lilac Calif Native
convolvulus concha 'Wild Lilac'
Dierama pendulum, commonly known as Hairbell
Equisetum hyemale (rough horsetail or scouring rush), aka snake grass
Polypodium californicum 'Sarah Lyman' Sarah's Fern Cal Native
Muhlenbergia rigens, commonly known as Deergrass
'Banana Shrub' Michelia figo
Kniphofia also called tritoma, red hot poker, torch lily, knofflers or poker plant
Eriogonum umbellatum is a species of wild buckwheat

Hibiscus, Brugmansia 'Angel's Trumpet'
Edibles, Herbs & Seeds

New Mini garden cuties!

Citrus & Fruit Trees
Apple: Gala, Pink Lady
Nectarine: 'necta zee' miniature
Peach: Honey Babe & Pix Zee - miniatures
Asian Pear
Persimmon 'Jiro' & Hachiya
Blenheim Apricot
Espalier Apples: 4 in 1, 6 in 1 and Fuji
Gift Shop
Gardening Hats
Decorative Tiles
Spring Scarfs
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watch the 'Attracting
Beneficial Insects to your
What's New this week as of June 21th
First Day of Summer

Hardy Hibiscus

New miniature Garden Accessories

Garden Markers on Cutlery
Fruit Trees 2014
Apple: Burchell Pink Apple, Red Fuji,

Apricot: White Knockout, Organge Knockout, TomCot,

Cherry: Bing, Rainier, Sweetheart

Peach: Honey Showers, Marbled Ginger, Pink
Diamond, Blushing Pearl, Galaxy Freestone,
O'Henery Freestone, Rio Oso Freestone

Nectarine: Double Delicious, Freckle Face, October
Sugar, White Diamond

Pomegranate: Angel Red

Plum: Black Gold, Elephant Heart, Lavender
Showers, Santa Rosa

Pear: Bartlett, Hosui Asian

Plumcot: Flavor Delight, Flavor King, Flavor Queen

G&B Harvest Supreme Compost
by Kellogg
buy 3 get 1 free
until April 30, 2014

and also presented by the
generous folks at Kelloggs
Farmer Fred will be here!
April 13th 12:45 to 2:45
first 50 will get a free bag of
12qrt blue ribbon potting soil
What's New this Spring 2014!
Updated 4/
Corydalis 'blackberry wine'
Craspedia globosa 'drumsticks'
Echium fastuosum
Salvia agrentea Artemis
Thymus citridotus Lime

Torenia Duchess -
a great substitute for impatiens
Very cool reblooming IRIS
Several varieties of David Austin Roses

Wild Boar tomatoes are here
see list to the right & down for varieties

lots more coming in - keep checking - hard
to keep up with all the trucks!
Tomatoes, Peppers, Beans, Squash,
Blue Berries listed to the right
Tomatillo: Purple & Toma Verde

Jersey Knight & Purple Passion Asparagus
Collard greens
Lettuce: bistro salad, gourmet, Romaine
Green Globe Artichokes
Annuals & Bedding
Wave Petunias!
Under the sea coleus
State Fair & Short Stuff Zinnias
Fuchsia, Columbine, Scabiosa
Superbells & Millon bells
Zonal Geranium, Ipomoea: Margarita lime & Rusty
Petunias, Myoporum white ground cover,
Mud flats: Thyme: pink, red & woolly, Star jasmine,
Jasmin Asian
Dwarf Delphinium & Oriental poppy
Alyssum, begonia, impatiens, marigolds, ice plant
Ivy: English, glacier, needlepoint
New Guinea impatiens, Geranium
Shamrocks, Ivy geranium, aloe vera, fuschia, lupine,
creeping charlie, boston ferns, zebra, coleus, ferns
Japanese maples: Bihou, Sango Kaku, Shirazz,
Shishigashira, Orangeola, Autumn Moon
Crepe Myrtle: Muskogee, Twilight

Hanging Baskets, Bowls & Baskets
Very nice confetti baskets

Perennials, Shrubs and other interesting
Mandevilla Crimson, Lupine, Aquilegia
Baccharis pilularis, called Coyote Brush
Echeveria, Heucherella, Iris
Dyckia 'burgundu ice'
Jasmin, Phlomis fruticosa 'edward bowles'
Ceanothus: dark star, ray hartman, yankee point
Clytostoma callistegioides 'Lavender Trumpet

Ozothamnus 'Sussex Silver' is a rounded,
evergreen shrub that has silver-grey foliage and
tiny white flowers in early summer.
Cordyline, loropetalum, nandina

Abelia 'Kaleidoscope', the most striking
variegated Abelia introduced to the market. This
stunning shrub delights gardeners with a
kaleidoscope of color spring through fall.

Teucrium Fruiticans
This hardy evergreen, with its broad, upright,
pale blue to grey foliage and open habit, makes
a perfect contrasting plant in structured
landscapes. In spring, the new growth produces
prolific, pale lilac blue flowers.
More bonsai starts, cactus, frost hardy
Hellebores, Heuchera, Iris, Lavender, Daphne,
Gardenia, Jasmine
House Plants
African Violets in bloom
Boston Fern
Green & variegated spider plants
Endless Summer Hydrangea
White Wild Indigo
Dicksonia - soft tree fern
Ficus pumlia - creeping fig staked
Helictotrichon sempervirens - blue oat grass
Day lillies
Morning Glory
Kniphofia Elvira - red hot poker
Passion Flower - Red & Blue
Romneya coulteri (Coulter's Matilija poppy or
Californian tree poppy)
Salvia, Verbena
2014 Blueberries
Pink Lemonade
Powder Blue
Suivenshine Blue
We have Ladybugs
Basil: Aristotle, floral spires
lavender, Genovese, Genovera,
Greek columnar, Italian large leaf,
lemon, red rubin
spicy globe, sweet, Thai
Vietnamese coriander
Lemon Verbena
Mint: Chocolate, Moroccan,
Applemint, Piperita orange,
Spearmint, Satureja Douglas Indian
Greek Oregano
Rue, Sage, Stevia,
Culinary Perennial Herbs
Marjoram, Oregano, Rosemary,
Sage, Tarragon, Lavender, SAvory,
Chives & Thyme
2014 Tomatoes
Anut Molly's Ground Cherry
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Better boy
Beef Steak
Big Beef
Black Cherry
Large Red Cherry
Black Krim
Black from Tula
Brandywine red
Cherry Red Pear
Cherokee Purple
Early girl
Green Grape
Green Zebra
Health Kick
Isis Candy
Japanese Trifele Black
Jaune Flamme
Lemon boy
Mortgage Lifter
Mr. Stripey
Nebraska Wedding
Principle Borghese
Red cherry sweet 100
Red cherry
San Marzano
Shady lady

Snowberry (white)
Snow White(white)

Striped German
Sun Gold
Sweet 100
Ukrainian Purple
Yellow Pear
2014 Peppers
more coming in!
Ancho 'Poblano'
Better Belle
California Wonder
Caribbean red hot
Chile D'Arbol
Corno di Toro
Cute stuff red
Eisley wax
Bhut Jolokia 'Ghost pepper'
Golden Bell
Golden Treasure
Hungarian Wax
Italian Long Sweet
Early Jalapeno
Marconi red
Maya Red
Orange Sun
Pinot noir
Red Bell
Red Beauty
Red Savina
Romanian Sweet
Trinidad Butch T SCORIPIONS!
Thai Hot
Yellow California
Yolo Wonder
2014 Berries
Goji Berries
Blue Velvet Honeyberry
Red Peral Lingonberry
Sea Berry
Strawberries: Eversweet,
Ft. Laramie Quinault,
2014 Cucumbers
Homemade Pickles
Japanese Suyo
Mercury Persian
2014 Squash & Zucchini
Eight Ball
flying saucer
Table ace
Waltan Butternut
Yellow Crookneck
2014 Beans
Black Eyed Peas
Blue Lake Bush
Blue Lake Pole

Gold & Green mix
Kentucky wonder pole
Lima Beans
Purple podded pole
Digiplexis (Digitalis) Illumination

Bright reddish orange, tubular
flowers with a yellow throat are
densely packed on tall stems.
Multiple side branches and sterile
blossoms mean a very long bloom
2014 Melon
Hales best
Sugar baby
Str. Kl
2014 Grapes
California Concord
Flame seedless
Red globe
Thomson seedless
Citrus & Fruit Trees
Lime: Kieffer, Bearss, Mexican Key,Purut, Yuzu

Mandarin: Kishu seedless, Murcott, Clementine
Pummelo 'tahitian', Yosemite Gold

Tangelo: Minneola
Marumi & Mandarinquat kumquats

Orange: Robertson, Moro Blood, Washington

Rio Red & Oroblanco grapefruit

Lemon: Eureka, Genoa, Lisbon, Meyer &
Variegated pink

Mato Bunta & Tahitian pummelo

Fig: Desert King, Kadota, Mission, Panache

Avocado: Bacon, Hass, Mexicola, Stewart &
Little cado
Willamette & Brewer's Gold

Collard Greens