Our gift shop has a large houseplant section, with a wide variety of
    plants of all shapes and sizes.  We have potted plants, hanging plants,
    ferns, orchids and tropicals, decorative topiaries, and much more.  A
    living plant makes a great gift that the recipient can treasure for years to
    come.  House plants make your home feel vibrant and alive.  Studies
    have shown that people feel less stressed working in office
    environments with living plants.  House plants do not require much light
    and in general are easy to care for.  Ask one of our sales associates to
    help you select the perfect one!
Houseplants and Topiary
Lush Greeneries
Did You Know?
A classic NASA study found
that common house plants
could improve air quality by
removing pollutants. In fact,
the study reported that
house plants were able to
remove up to 87 percent of
airborne toxins in 24 hours.
The Plants for Clean Air
Council recommends one
potted plant for each 100
square feet of living space.
Did You Know?

According to a University of
Agriculture in Norway study,
indoor plants can reduce
fatigue, coughs, sore throats
and other cold-related illnesses
by more than 30 percent,
partially by increasing humidity
levels and decreasing dust
Zamioculcas Zamiiflolia
(also know as the ZZ plant)

This member of the ariod family is one
the best and easiest indoor plants to

-Handles low light well
-Low water use
-Tough under indoor conditions
-Handles neglect well

Even though the plant does well with
low light levels ( and will even grow)
They will do even better in a bright
light situation. They are also known to
have no insect problems!

Do you have a plant that needs help, a
pest attacking your favorite plant, or a
question about plant care or identification?

Bring in a sample of your issue & we'll try
to fiqure it out.
Indoor and Outdoor Varieties

- clear plastic saucers
- misting bottles
- cork mats
- plant stands
- watering cans
- water meters
- fertilizers
.....and much more
Dracaenas (commonly called
corn plants) are sensitive to the
fluoride in tap water which may cause
the tips of the leaves to appear brown.  
Using filtered water helps alleviate this
problem.  In addition, Dracaenas do
not particularly like fertilizer (also
causes tip burn), so I recommend
fertilizing only once a year-in the
houseplants once to twice a
year to remove any excess salts
in the soil. Salt buildup will inhibit
leaf tip burn, and potentially
prevent the plant from uptaking
water and nutrients.

shower, bathtub, or outside and
pour water through the soil 3-4
times making sure that quite a
bit of water pours out of the
bottom of the pot.  I usually flush
my plants in the spring before I
fertilize and in the fall as the
The number one way to kill your
houseplants is overwatering!!!

(closely followed by completely
forgetting to water them)

Never let plants sit in water and make
sure that the soil is slightly dry before
watering.  Plants use water at different
temperature, humidity, size of the
plant, the size of the pot, and the time
of the year.

I check my indoor plants once a week,
although I do not always need to water.

Most indoor plants originate in areas of
high humidity, warm (not hot) days and
nights, and regular rain water.  To try to
or office, you need to maintain humidity
levels around 40-50%.  The best ways
to accomplish this are to mist the plants
(filtered water works best to avoid water
spots), place the plant on a tray of
rocks and water, or to place the plants
in a humid room like a kitchen or
spirals.  If you do not see what you